Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give a Little Bit

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We all have something we can spare, or we can share. The following is a short list of ideas to pare your closets and home and make a real difference in the lives of others.

Clothes, shoes, and handbags: Women in Distress and CareerCloset.org help women find their way back to safety, self-respect, dignity, and lives worth living (and giving).
Furniture, household items, and gently used toys: Faith Farms Ministries and TheGivingEffect.com can take nearly anything and put it to good use.
Books: Consider a run to your local hospital or retirement home; your fave books and writers might find new fans.
New and gently used home repair/remodeling supplies: Habitat Restore will resell; shop there as well!
That old clunker: your local high school auto technician training program can use old cars to train tomorrow’s workers.
The change jar: Even a $10 donation will make a difference to animals awaiting their forever homes—food, toys, bedding, and cleaning supplies are required to keep the animals engaged and the shelters afloat.

A karmatastic life is a way of thinking, doing, being. Collective good deeds have the power to clarify the present, shape the future, and heal the past.

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